About Way to Vegas

Seven things about us. You'll never believe #5

  1. This site is about Las Vegas.

  2. One way to think about Way to Vegas is the way to get to Vegas. Whether you’re visiting for a “turn-and-burn” without even booking a room for the night, or you’re moving here to stay till the very end, getting to Vegas involves challenges and adjustments. But there are many good reasons to come here!

  3. Another way to think about it is the way to do Vegas. If you’re visiting or living here, there are many things to do, and they’re not all on The Strip.

  4. Our goal is to develop both themes: getting to Vegas and doing Vegas the best way possible. We are going to explore everything, including the mundane like what to do after a car accident.

  5. We will try to use humor. That’s right, innuendo, satire, and what we call “soft checking” might appear with their fellow travelers in articles here.

  6. This project is never-ending. Check back often and send your questions, comments, suggestions.

  7. I support the development of this website by accepting advertisements, and by describing products and services for sale for which I may be paid a small commission for any resulting sale, for example, through affiliate marketing.

  8. We credit and review images whenever possible. We use a proprietary technique to “fuzz” the images to provide that authentic look of motion capture found in video games from the late 90s.

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