El Cortez keeps Las Vegas tradition alive with coin slot machines

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The one arm bandit, lights flashing, and alarms ringing, with the sound of coins falling out in a fountain of winnings is the spirit of Vegas gambling. There is no better way to celebrate a winning bet than the spray of money into your bucket of coins. It’s real, weighty, and full of promise.

But as much as we can recall the feel of coin slot machines, they are long gone. One by one, they have been replaced with digital machines tracking your points, your credit, and even your comps. But there is one place left where the old ways linger.

A kitty-corner view of classic old Las Vegas hotel and casino, El Cortez
If we recall correctly, Ocean's 11 (2001) taught us that every dealer in town started the trade at El Cortez. I give the composition of this image 5/5. Image: tripadvisor

El Cortez Hotel and Casino has the original classic coin slot machines, and beckons you to experience what it was like to gamble in Vegas during the heyday.

With over 200 of classic machines, there is plenty to go around. You can hear the reels spinning, and the blare of big winners. Located off Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, the family-run casino dates all the way back to 1941, remaining through the fat and lean times of the Las Vegas economy. Even as casino profits are declining, and convention money is where it’s at, El Cortez has kept in business by selling the nostalgia of true Vegas.

For those coming to town, wanting a taste of casino games and grandeur, the $1 slot machines make the El Cortez a must-see destination.

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