Lucky Penny at the Palms Casino Resort

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A fusion of international and American cuisine

This casual dining option at the Palms provides a surprisingly good and interesting menu. Meant as their go-to 24/7 restaurant to cater to all the nightowls, it could well become a local favorite. This is quality food that is a fusion of international and American cuisine, at prices which are reasonable. We don’t expect anyone to seek it out, but those staying at the Palms will enjoy this as their default dining option.

Quick Information

  • The Palms Casino Resort
  • Open 24 hours
A restaurant dining room in creams with wood accents, blue pattern chairs around stone table tops shows a contemporary theme that could also be found in a ski resort high in the Rocky mountains
You'll never not know where you are in this restaurant. I give video information panels 5/5. Image: Palms

A top quality restaurant with a fun and interesting menu

Most hotel casinos in Las Vegas try to offer a 24 hour eating option. It makes sense to keep people up and on their feet, helping them snag that small part of the dedicated gamblers who don’t stop when the sun goes down. Some late night food is enough to rejuvenate even exhausted people, and get them back out on the casino floor, or in a club where they can do some real damage.

But most of these restaurants are somewhat generic. The Grand Lux Cafe found at the Venetian is just a Cheesecake Factory. It doesn’t feel unique, or even part of Las Vegas. That is not the case at the Lucky Penny in the Palms.

Their own copy undersells what they are about.

“Enjoy your favorite tastes all day, every day at the brand-new, awesome cafe! From breakfast, lunch, and dinner to a late-night snack, we’ve got all your cravings covered.”

The reality is they have made a top quality restaurant with a fun and interesting menu. The typical American offerings have their own twists, some which draw from international flavors. Nothing is straight-up, but given an upgrade, whether it is the meatballs with pork and veal, the crushed potatoes and Croque madame, or the pizza salad and panini burger. This is much more than we have ever expected from the competition, and might cause many menus around Las Vegas to retaliate with new and better food.

Derek from All You Can Vegas enjoyed his experience at Lucky Penny:

Now, this is not fine dining. We are not suggesting anyone hop in a cab to come here from the Strip. It is casual, meant for quick eats before shows, or breakfast before getting to the real work of drinking and gambling. The atmosphere is that of a nice and pleasant cafeteria, or eating hall. But if you are at the Palms, and feeling a bit hungry, you will enjoy this option.

We would also recommend the churro sundae. The churros are made in house, and are served with a tasty chocolate sauce. It is just the sort of sweet you want while enjoying Las Vegas.

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