5G comes to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas joins the growing list of cities getting 5G service from AT&T. The new coverage is part of the latest upgrades by AT&T.

Sin City is the latest of 20 cities that will get 5G+ service. And don’t get confused, since AT&T already offers the similarly named 5G E, which is something different (that is, 5G E is not 5G).

But there are some caveats about the new 5G+ service. It’s limited to business users, and will only cover an unknown selection of areas in Las Vegas. No word on what parts of town will have 5G+ service.

A Tesla Coil zaps something in the distance with a bolt of lightning.
Command & Conquer had 5G towers long before we did in Las Vegas. I give Tesla Coils 5/5.

For those who need connection speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, we wish you the best of luck that you find yourself in the 5G+ service areas. However we expect you will be switching between LTE and 5G for the foreseeable future as you move around town.

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