Beat the heat with a cool Slurpee treat

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Hot enough for you? Contrary to the evangelists on the Strip, Las Vegas is not Hell on Earth, but it is almost as hot.

And when it gets too warm for you, your comfort is at risk, even your health. But there is a new solution to the problem. If you don’t want to be tied to casino air conditioning, catch a refill of your novelty cup at Fat Tuesday, or tempt fate with one of the colorful street vendors selling suspicious bottles of water, just order on the go with the newest service to hit Las Vegas: Slurpee delivery.

Two people showing off their fried chicken buckets used to hold Slurpee mixes during 7-11 bring your own Slurpee cup day.
But can you specify the container used to deliver your Slurpee? I give this solution 5/5.

7-Eleven, the modern incarnation of Americana, has launched a true-blue delivery service that will see a Slurpee or other product reach you in a growing list of public places. Las Vegas is one of more than 2,000 areas nationwide which will test the feasibility of this program.

Supported by 7-Eleven’s 7NOW app, customers only need to search for hot spots near them. A Postmates delivery worker will set out to see your order reaches you shortly. The company promises an average wait time of 30 minutes.

The best part is there are no minimum order requirements from 7-Eleven. The chain charges a flat fee of $3.99, with an extra $1.99 charge for orders under $15.

So if you need to flex in front of the lads, or during a bachelorette party, show off by getting yourself a Slurpee hand delivered. Only then will your wolf pack know who’s the true alpha dog.

[ed.: Never buy anything from the unlicensed vendors on the Strip.]

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