Korean barbecue is the next new Las Vegas food trend

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Most people know that Las Vegas is a home to great buffets, but some of the best are found off-strip at Korean barbecue restaurants around town. The thriving Korean community has nurtured their native cuisine and traditions in Las Vegas, creating fun and delicious restaurants which are ready to get the attention they deserve.

These all-you-can-eat restaurants allow diners to grill marinated meat on gas or charcoal grills, right at their tables. The whole group gets to gather round, helping to eat and cook, while sharing in a vast selection of side dishes known as banchan. Although a different take, it has the same great feel of a backyard barbecue, minus the heat, sun, and insects.

Always popular in Las Vegas and all over the valley, these restaurants are getting real acclaim and growing to become destinations for the visiting gourmand. Last year, the Park MGM partnered with restaurateur Roy Choi to open his latest project, Best Friend, a unique option on the Strip that offers All You Can Eat Mondays with unlimited kalbi beef short ribs, spicy pork belly and garlic chicken straight from the grill. But it does cost $65, which some reviews say is a little high. While it’s not a traditional Korean barbecue joint, the signature fusion dishes and authentic Korean flavors are the first step in a great direction.

Meat cooking on a Korean BBQ, with a done piece of beef held by tongs
You go to the restaurant and then you cook your own food. The business plan is genius. And everybody in the group can cook to the preferred level of doneness. I give Korean BBQ 5/5. Image: Kristian Ryan Alimon

But the real advance is happening as we speak. This July 31, Chosun Hwaro & Nara Teppan are opening a location at the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood resort. This is billed as the first true Korean barbecue experience on the Strip, bringing the style and flavors mainstream for American consumption. As part of a successful chain, the parent company Ebadom is leveraging 20 years of experience to make their Vegas venture a winner that will please traditionalists and the American palate, alike. Capitalizing on the novelty and award-winning recipes, as well as top quality ingredients, it should become a real favorite in a high-traffic area.

“We are ready to show the U.S. an unforgettable and authentic dining experience with Las Vegas flair from our thrilling teppanyaki shows to unique barbecue items exclusive to our restaurant that will be revealed on opening day,” said Executive General Manager Eli Kim.

Chosun Hwaro & Nara Teppan offers a unique blend of Korean cooking and Japanese teppanyaki. And with a 13,000-square foot location, they are providing 30 Korean barbecue tables and 12 teppanyaki tables akin to those found in Benihana. They will be capable of seating up to 485. Clearly, Ebadom have high expectations. Private dining rooms and a patio space and walk-up bar along Harmon Avenue will also provide unique options for guests, parties, and even events.

We look forward to reviewing the menu once they open. We also note that they’re hiring.


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