Lady Gaga in full form after fall

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Nothing stops a star. If her latest stage-performance is telling, Lady Gaga has recovered fully from her fall on stage during her concert set Thursday, May 30, here in Las Vegas.

During a performance of her 2011 single “Judas,” the major icon, 33, gave the audience a little more than expected as she slipped from a robot arm prop. Luckily, her fall was arrested by two backup dancers who were able to catch her before much harm.

Lady Gaga maintained her stage presence, barely missing a note before resuming the track.

Lady Gaga during an interview for NFL Network in 2016.
If you're one of the lucky 10,000, well-wishers typically say "Break a leg" to performers before they go on stage. Nothing bad happened but a scare so did someone say it only half right? I give her style 5/5. Image: SMP Entertainment

Fans of the nine-time Grammy winner, known as Little Monsters, were noticeably concerned. However, there were no signs of injury.

It should be noted Lady Gaga has a hip injury sustained from her 2013 Born This Way Ball tour, where a ring of soft tissue in her right hip was torn. She had to undergo surgery, and subsequently canceled the remaining dates of her performance.

Though Lady Gaga is soldiering on and proving her skill, some wonder if her injuries may impact future engagements. Until then, she is making the most of her residency here in Las Vegas, and is still riding high off the official opening of her Haus of Gaga.

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