Las Vegas strip clubs sued by Carmen Electra and Lucy Pinder over images in ads

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In some mildly interesting news, twelve professional models are suing five Las Vegas strip clubs, alleging their photos have been used for advertising without permission or payment. It appears that the likes of Lucy Pinder and Carmen Electra may not have frequented those establishments, after all.

Each club has been named in separate federal civil lawsuits this month, accusing them of violations of the federal Lanham Act. The false and misleading use of the models’ images in advertising is to blame. The suits hold that the models are protected under Nevada’s right of publicity law.

A dancer is performing in her decorative high heels next to a pole.
Remember, there's no sex in the champagne room. I give her footwear 5/5. Image: Eric Nopanen

Electra has sued under her real name, Tara Leigh Patrick. She and Pinder allege the clubs used pirated photos of them in advertising and social media without consent. Admittedly, we may have seen some of those promotional flyers around the Strip.

The defendants have declined to make a statement as yet.

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