Palms faces worker strike

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The Palms casino resort here in Las Vegas is facing a picket by employees who are members of the Culinary Union. The employees will be joined by other hospitality workers, and employee rights advocates. The issue stems from management’s refusal to bargain with the union.

In April 2018, the workers voted to unionize, but Station Casinos, owner of the Palms, refused to negotiate.

The National Labor Relations Board determined Station Casinos has been “failing and refusing to bargain collectively and in good faith” with the Culinary Union. However, the company rejects the results of April’s vote.

A reduced color interpretation of the president of Unite Here speaking to the workers.
The president of Unite Here speaks to the workers. I give my take on Hope and EGA videogames 5/5.

Located west of the Las Vegas Strip, the Palms is one of six Station Casinos-owned properties in Las Vegas where workers have voted to unionize in recent years. It is currently undergoing $690 million in renovations, including the roll-out of a revamped club KAOS, with Cardi B in residency.

This will be a difficult time for Palms to experience a strike.

Approximately 900 porters, food servers, bartenders and other workers at the Palms are members of the Culinary Union.

The picket will be supported by hospitality workers from their national affiliate, Unite Here, which is holding its national convention in Las Vegas.

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