Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler share stage in Las Vegas

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In a rare treat, Paul McCartney brought out a surprise guest at his concert in Las Vegas this Friday. Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith fame, joined with the Beatles star to sing “Helter Skelter” to the applause of the crowd.

“We have a special guest for you: Mr. Steven Tyler,” McCartney told his audience at the T-Mobile Arena during the encore. Tyler came onstage armed with his signature scarf-covered microphone stand. The singers didn’t wait a moment before they launched into their song. The two rock legends switched between lines seamlessly, showing their chops. McCartney and Tyler also thrilled spectators with an improvised outro that saw the pair bouncing off each other vocally.

Booking photo of Charles Mason, a misguided listener to Helter Skelter, in 1968
What can go wrong when you interpret song lyrics? The Helter Skelter scenario. I give law enforcement 5/5.

Currently, Aerosmith are in Las Vegas for their Deuces Are Wild residency. They often covered the “White Album” classic during their concerts in the late Seventies. After a decades-long hiatus, they resumed performing “Helter Skelter” in their shows during the early 2000s. Tyler last played the track live in 2006. A studio version of the cover appeared on the Pandora’s Box compilation in 1991.

Tyler has previously performed with the Beatles legend during McCartney’s Kennedy Center Honors celebration in 2010. He also documented the performance as well as his backstage experience at the McCartney concert on his Instagram.

This proved a special occasion that really shows the heart and soul of Vegas, and the residency programs. Having so much talent in town lets artists cooperate to not only put on a show, but have a great time, themselves. We look forward to more great mash-ups of celebrity artists in the near future.

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