How much does LASIK cost?

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For many, understanding the cost of elective surgery is the deciding factor when considering whether the medical procedure is possible. This is very true of LASIK. Although the average cost of $1,000 to $3,000 per eye is well established, the factors which arrive at that price are more difficult to understand, and doing so can save both time and money. However, getting a handle on LASIK pricing will require a little bit of research. The following information will help you get a handle on things.

Considerations in LASIK eye surgery cost

Corrective LASIK eye surgery varies in cost according to region, clinic, and doctor, and depends on many different factors. The most common factors are the degree of correction surgery required, the specific method and technology applied during the procedure, and the skill of the attending surgeon.

  • Required Vision Correction — Poor eyesight generally requires a greater level of corrective surgery, which increases price. The level of prescription is a useful means of determining whether your costs will be more or less than average.
  • Laser Technology — There are several choices of technology and procedure when it comes to corrective eye surgery, and these determine cost. Newer technologies are available, such as Wavefront LASIK Surgery, which are typically more expensive than older methods. Certain manufacturer costs may be passed onto the patient by the clinic. Other preferences by the patient may also add or subtract from the overall price. The clinic should discuss the details of the provided options and suggest the best method for a patient’s needs, which may be less or more expensive than average. It is prudent to ask for additional information and be familiar and comfortable with the potential operations.
  • Surgeon Skill — Like all professions, skill and expertise comes at a premium. Certain LASIK specialists may command a premium for their services.

The LASIK average cost

As mentioned, cost can fall between $1,000 to $3,000 per eye. This includes the LASIK procedure, and necessary care before and after surgery. It should also include any follow-up procedure if required, or as a result of complications during surgery. It is recommended to look over the invoice and have each item explained.

Do not be cheap

LASIK is an advanced technology and comes at a minimum cost. Clinics that promise prices well under the average may add additional fees, or be unable to provide a satisfactory level of skill, or appropriate technology. Remember that sight is an extremely important sense, and should not be risked for a small bargain.

Discuss the Costs and Procedure

Knowledge is power. Be informed when you go to a free LASIK consultation, and ask the questions you find important:

  1. What additional costs and care are not included in the quoted price?
  2. Which LASIK technologies are available for use in the clinic?
  3. Is the price for one or both eyes, and is the procedure the same for both eyes?
  4. What is the level of post-op care covered under the quoted price? And, what is the cost for additional care?
  5. Are prescription medications included in the price?
  6. Are transitional lenses provided at no cost, if necessary?
  7. Is there an invoice with itemized breakdown of all costs?
  8. Are there testimonials and customer recommendations available?

Most clinics offer a free consultation, and this is an opportune time to have your questions answered. Everyone deserves to have clear vision, but it is important to do due diligence and be properly informed. Only then can you get the most of your money, and LASIK technology.

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