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The eyes are incredibly important to most people, and are used by hundreds every day. Vision easily ranks as one of the top five senses. So how best can you care for your eyes?

That might be a simple question, but it is a complex answer. It really depends on what problem or problems you might be suffering. But there are common issues that crop up, such as poor eye sight, cataracts, and presbyopia. Thankfully, Las Vegas has a number of specialists and professionals able to provide real solutions. You won’t need to leave the Valley to get what you need.

In this scene from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Dr. Evil explains what they use to perform modern eye surgery. I give the commanding leather chair a 5/5.


You may have heard of LASIK, but do you know what it is or does? There are a number of different procedures available for treating different conditions, defects, or deficiencies of the eye. LASIK is actually used by the general public to describe a number of these corrective eye surgeries that use a laser, much like Xerox is used to describe a copy from any copier, and not just the company or its products.

Regardless, the procedures are used to improve the quality of vision under certain circumstances, removing the need or reliance on glasses and contacts. The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper, so we have put together some information that will help you.

Often, LASIK is paired with additional procedures which can treat cataracts, glaucoma, or other defects of the cornea or lens. In this day and age, most problems with the eyes can be solved satisfactorily, and Las Vegas offers trained specialists capable of seeing you through from start to finish. You will not have to head out to LA for a day trip, and can save those gas dollars for what’s important: buffets.

If you need to see the pips on those dies, or that Wheel of Fortune Jackpot, or maybe just want to strut through the Cosmopolitan without your glasses, you might want a free consultation with a LASIK provider. But where do you go? There are a number of great options, and you might need to do some research before choosing. For instance:

And that’s just to name a few. But not only do these specialists provide LASIK, but a number of services related to eye care, from ophthalmology to cancer treatments. Some provide additional services, while others may be easier on your budget. If you’re lucky, insurance might even cover your operation at one or more of these providers.

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