The best tips to get ready for LASIK surgery

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So you are taking the plunge, and have scheduled your LASIK procedure. That’s great! But don’t just let the days go by. You will need to make some changes to prepare, and it is important. These tips will help ensure your procedure goes off without a hitch, and you will have the best possible results.

No more contacts

Contacts are already a hassle, so this might be the easiest thing to give up. Because contacts rest against the eye and correct the distorted shape of the cornea, they prevent an accurate reading for the natural shape of the eye. Any LASIK procedure would only be working off the wrong measurements, which will not get you the results you expect. It will take a week for your eyes to return to their normal shape for soft lenses, but toric lenses may take as much as three weeks. Gas permeable lenses might take as long as several months, and might require your doctor making a final determination before the LASIK procedure can be scheduled.

Take care of your eyes

Make sure your eyes are clean and well rested. You will not want debris in your eyes, and you made need to use drops to flush them. We also recommend a full night of sleep, to avoid redness.

Sorry, but no coffee

I know. That morning cup is important. But you will have to give it up the day of the procedure. Coffee, or the caffeine, causes dry eyes which makes LASIK more difficult. It is actually a good idea to drink water the morning of your surgery, just to be sure you are hydrated.

The office is cold, so dress warm

Men might not find this a problem, but women will definitely want a jacket to take with them. The office and surgical room will likely be cool, and your comfort will be impacted if your clothing is insufficient. Though this will not affect your surgery, we don’t want you to catch a cold.

Have a snack

Although most surgeries forbid eating the day of the procedure, LASIK is more forgiving. In fact, it is recommended that you eat a little something to hold you over through the surgery. This is great for people who suffer from low blood sugar, or who tend to get a bit hangry.

Make sure you have a ride home

After the procedure, you will not be fit to drive home. It is possible that your eyes will feel itchy, scratchy, or even like something is lodged in them. It can even be a little painful, or disconcerting. But after some bed rest, these issue should pass. However, you will need someone to drive you away. As they say, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay in the clinic waiting room. AS bad as it sounds, some people have forgotten this part, and been inconvenienced by seeing which of their friends will answer the call.

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