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The LASIK Vision Institute of Las Vegas is one clinic within a national network, and has worked hard to receive its top rating. These independent eye surgeons include some of best doctors in the country. These physicians specialize in LASIK corrective surgeries and related procedures, having successfully completed more than 1.3 million operations.

Through their surgery medical centers, the LASIK Vision Institute offers patients affordable and quality care for the most common issues. Providing access to qualified independent LASIK eye surgeons, they have established a strong reputation. With personalized and comprehensive care, before and after surgery, satisfaction is almost guaranteed.

Las Vegas Office7501 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 104
Las Vegas, NV 89128

The Team

Though the LASIK Vision Institute of Las Vegas is not as large as some of the others in our top list, the experience of Dr. Yee and his staff are still comparable.

  • Dr. Edward Yee — The primary physician, Dr. C. Edward Yee has been working as a refractive surgeon in Las Vegas since 2001. With thousands of successful procedures done, his specialty is with custom LASIK and PRK treatments.


The LASIK Vision Institute offers the typical fair, but provides specialization in custom LASIK technologies, chiefly through Wavefront and Topography Guided surgery.

Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK

This surgery uses the most advanced WaveLight® technology. By digitally surveying the eye, a treatment plan unique to the individual is created for laser correction. This results in a better outcome with reduced complications.

Contoura® Vision, or topography-guided LASIK

This is a new evolution in custom LASIK technology. By measuring the details of the eye, both the surface and shape of the cornea are altered. This provides the highest quality of custom care currently available, with results often exceeding the expectations of patients.


The LASIK Vision Institute is one of the more affordable options, backed by their national network of clinics and practices. Often in LASIK, price is the deciding factor. LASIK procedures may offer a great deal for the price, but still have a considerable cost. Economic options, like those available through Dr. Yee help the LASIK Vision Institute stand out as one of the better options.

Like other practices, many financial plans are available and affordable. Some options can be combined, which can lower the cost while providing more comprehensive care.

Lifetime Assurance Plan

The LASIK Vision Institute also offers what we feel is the best assurance plan of all LASIK eye care providers. Given their confidence in their surgical expertise, they offer patients a lifetime coverage, which allows for any number of enhancements or additional care.

This is an exceptional offer that only a national network like the LASIK Vision Institute can offer. It is all the better because eyes and vision are likely to change and degrade over time. The ability to have free enhancements can ensure a better quality of life, and at zero cost.


The lifetime assurance plan is available to those who have completed their first procedure, and meet the criteria of their surgeon.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Lifetime Assurance Plans are available to all who are qualified by a LASIK Vision Institute surgeon to enroll in the plan at the time of their laser vision correction procedure.
  • Annual eye exams from any eye doctor of your choice are required to maintain your lifetime assurance plan. You will need to submit a copy of your results to your eye doctor every year. Be careful, as it is easy to forget, and this will void your plan.

For more information, you can check the additional requirements and exclusions on their site.

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