The Empathy Suite at The Palms Casino Resort

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Are you looking to stay somewhere fabulous in Las Vegas? Or maybe you’re just looking. There are some truly beautiful suites, penthouses, and villas both on and off the Strip, each providing not just a bed and bath, but a lifestyle that echoes the excess and decadence of Sin City. They are glimpses of celebrity, fame, of richness and the jet-set, not only giving the illusion of another life, but a tangible moment to keep forever.

The skeleton of a large fish hangs as art over the large bar in the gray interior of this light industrial and fantastical underwater themed suite
If life is about the journey and not the destination, we can imagine the experiences to be had in the Empathy Suite as you relive The Hangover (2009) with your most trusted lieutenants. I give unique suites 5/5. Image: Palms

So many come to Las Vegas to escape the normal, to be bold, to risk everything on a roll of the dice. They come to party hard at the best clubs, to drink champagne and dance the night away. They come in private jets, and take limos to their hotels. And the concierge conducts them directly to VIP rooms that have golden keys.

They come to these rooms to have it all.

Balcony with pool
I give swimming in a pool balcony 5/5. Image: Palms

But don’t misjudge. Some will think these luxury accommodations go too far, and are just a way for the rich to flaunt their wealth. That’s not what Vegas is about. Not really. It is about the experience, about living life to the fullest, about the shows, the service, and the luck of the draw. Back home you chase the dollar, you scrimp and save, and worry. You buy generic, go without dessert, and cut coupons. Here, in Las Vegas, you let loose. You turn in your tokens and chits to make the most of the time you have lost, to live better, faster, and with a flagrant joy that is lacking in your home life.

A hall with butterfly themed artwork
I give having butterflies 5/5. Image: Palms

Maybe that is what the Empathy Suite is all about. This is a noteworthy product at the Palms Casino Resort, something they claim is the most expensive room in the world. After all, it takes a $10,000 down payment, and you have to be approved for $200,000 in credit.

But does it even matter? Those are just numbers, just cash. Don’t worry about it. This is something that few can have, that is meaning, a bit of time in your life that is taken to the max.

A decorated pool table and art installation
I give playing pool after swimming pool 5/5. Image: Palms

The Empathy Suite is worth the cost, whatever it is, because those who stay leave richer than when they came. It is the epitome of contemporary class, a fantastic kingdom high in the sky, away from the troubles and realities of life. It knows the pains of the working world, the difficulties of jobs, of love, of life, and is there to make you forget your problems, even if for a moment. It ensorcells you with a diamond-like glint, cool in the Vegas heat, and takes you on a spirit-journey of self-discovery and exaltation.

It’s only our interpretation, but the Empathy Suite feels for you, and wants your time in Vegas to be the best, to be epic, to exceed expectations. It is the one room we know that doesn’t have a house advantage. You win. Always.

Two sharks in a tank art installation
I give securing funding from this sharktank 5/5. Image: Palms

Empathy Suite, the top-tier of the Sky Villa class, was designed by and features the works of world-renowned artist Damien Hirst. This is the man who gave the Unknown bar in the center of the Palms its landmark installation of a 13’ tiger shark. And as much of a spectacle that tripartite piece is, he has saved the best for this more intimate exhibition. Almost a gallery unto itself, the Empathy Suite is replete with many original pieces from some of Hirst’s most notable series.

But everything has a touch of art. Throughout, you will find a custom butterfly-motif, captured in glass, in mosaic tiles, leading like little breadcrumbs out to the cantilevered pool. They flutter and draw you to a view overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, asking you to take in the world on offer.

A stairway decorated with butterflies leads past a butterfly themed artwork
I give a pathway to lepidopterology 5/5. Image: Palms

A certain refinement is obvious in the Venus gray marble featured throughout the villa, and the sleek fixtures. Every part of this 9,000 square-foot, two-story hotel suite is curated, chosen specifically to look, feel, and be the best. Nothing is off the shelf, the bargains of your local DIY home improvement store. This is an engineered, designed perfection, a gallery of art which has been elevated to the level of art, itself.

You can do anything here you can imagine. Drink at the bar, keep fit in your gym, ease into a massage. While you are here, you’re not just VIP, not just a high roller. You are top of the world.

Quick Information

  • Private behind-the-scenes art tour of the suite and entire property
  • Curated art pieces by Damien Hirst
  • 17 seat full bar with 24 hour butler services
  • Dyson hair dryers
  • Fitness room with Peloton indoor bicycle & Woodway treadmill
  • Private enclosed cantilever pool with lounge seating
  • Chauffeured car service
  • A-list access to Palms’ premier amenities such as KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub, the Pearl Concert Theater and the Palms’ world-class recording studio and a $10,000 credit to utilize at the resort.
  • Walk-in steam showers
  • Private healing salt room
  • 2 massage rooms
  • Dining area for 8 guests
  • Deep soaking tubs with hydrotherapy jets
  • Crestron one-touch automation controls for the room
  • Over-the-top welcome amenities

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